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About Us

"Distinctive Web sites THAT WORK"

Racine Web Services (RacineWeb) was founded in the very early "commercial bloom" of the Internet revolution (1995). Since that time, building on experience, RacineWeb has evolved lock step with evolving Internet technology, continually enabling its widely varied clientele to capitalize on the power of this incredible medium.

Our dedicated team -- who brought their tireless commitment to quality dozens of years of IT and on-line experience to launch and manage the venture -- have positioned RacineWeb as full-service firm since its inception.The company provides comprehensive products and services, while remaining entirely focused on its trademark -- "Distinctive Web sites THAT WORK".

RacineWeb consists of three unique divisions, each with its own specialized Internet services.

RacineWeb’s eProximus focuses on Internet consultation, and the production and management of completely custom, high quality, fully interactive web presences for businesses and organizations.

RWS360 provides complete multimedia and digital photo/video services, including the area’s first 360-degree immersive photography services. offers business-grade SGI/UNIX (scaleable!) web hosting services.

RacineWeb services dozens of small and medium business and organizational clients (ranging from state and regional associations, historic churches, etc. to banks and major national manufacturers) from the Midwest and Northeast US.

RacineWeb is the pre-eminent web presence provider in the area. RacineWeb utilizes our standing relations and alliances with specialized contractors for hardware, connectivity, and advanced artistic services, insuring our ability to produce projects of any scope.

As stated in the company's vision, Racine Web Services, Inc. is committed to the utilization of sound environmental practices in their business and returns a portion of its annual profits directly to help support the Racine community.


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