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All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space. -- Philip Johnson (1906 - ___ ) US architect, author

The primary tenet of the RWS design philosophy is that the site's design should be functional, to ensure quick and comfortable access to the information the visitor is seeking; as well as visually appealing and quick to load, to ensure that the visitor remains on the site. The content must also be beneficial and engaging to help ensure the visitors return.

Repeated user psychology studies substantiate the philosophy that the keys to keeping visitors interested in exploring and returning to a web site are: short pages, combined with a logical structure and extensive cross referencing (hyper-text "links" to more information) and simple, yet eye catching graphics that are quick to load, along with easy-to-read buttons and icons

Design for the web is unlike any other medium. Building an effective web design is really designing a custom sofware application . A web site should be a reflection of each business or organization's own unique style and character. RWS believes in working closely with its clients to determine the most appropriate site design, thus building a solid foundation for the client's web presence. From the preliminary conference to the critical launch and indexing of your site, RWS will strive to ensure the success of your website.

Our two pronged focus to balance the Arts AND Sciences of Web design is the key an effective and successful design project.

The Arts

The Sciences


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